Intellectual Outputs

IO1: Defining the QA Framework for VET e-learning

While EQAVET is the main tool for the quality assurance in VET, serving as a reference point during the design and delivery of training curricula, it has not been elaborated to cover the Vocational e-learning training delivery (EQF 3-5). On the other hand, the need for a systematic review including a functional analysis for the introduction of QA in VET e-learning has become evident. The definition of such a Framework is going to increase the quality of the VET provision, supporting the efficient design and delivery of e-learning VET programs in the post-Covid period. 

Within this context, in IO1 we are going to create the needed knowledge database, analyze existing QA e-learning solutions, and consult VET experts in an attempt to finally define the areas of the VET e-learning QA Framework.

IO2: Design of the VET e-learning QA Framework

While VET providers are increasing their online exposure to delivering e-learning courses, QA is not in the epicenter, in contrast to the in-class training delivery that is regulated according to EQAVET and National Quality Assurance Provisions. At the same time, the achievement of excellency in the e-learning environment, through QA is a process that requires skills and competences by the VET system, that is found only in Large VET Providers, creating a gap between the larger and regional/local VET Providers. 

Therefore, in IO2, we are designing the content, the processes and the supporting documents, as well as an e-environment for a QA Framework. Easy-to-use e-tools will be included. Additionally we are designing the introduction of a QA Certification process for VET e-learning courses. Both the QA Framework and the Certification are going to be subject of consultation and approval by the relevant Stakeholders at an EU level. Finally, the Final QA Framework and Certification are going to be adapted in a country specific context.

IO3:Delivery of the VET e-learning QA Framework

For the diffusion of Quality Assurance, in regards to e-learning courses within the VET system, VET Professionals need to be trained, so as to be able to transfer the QA Framework. Even before the Covid-19 crisis, QA was not always part of the design and delivery of Vocational Training, since EQAVET is not an obligatory tool. As a result, the upskilling of the VET Professionals is required and therefore the development of an e-portfolio of training resources for VET Providers/ Staff who wish to comply with the PERCEIVE VET e-learning QA Framework is necessary. 

Within this context, a number of pioneering VET Providers are going to be selected, in order to apply the QA Framework in their e-learning courses. Through this process, other VET Professionals are going to follow their example and benefit from the QA Label to be awarded. Finally, we have included a feedback loop where we are going to receive feedback on the material developed and the usability of the Framework, in order to fine-tune the Framework, the Training Material and the Certification Award Process.

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